4 Mini Yacht Model from Selway Fisher Design sailing on the water

About The Boat Designer

Paul Fisher at the Selway Fisher Design drawing board

After a youth messing around in all sorts of boats on the Thames, Paul Fisher gained a BSc (Bachelor of Science) degree in Naval Architecture and Shipbuilding from Newcastle University in 1974 and shortly after became a member of the Royal Institute of Naval Architects.

Straight after University Paul worked in the design office of McGruer & Co. Scotland for 4 years - famous for high performance racing /cruising yachts beautifully crafted in wood (cold moulded as well as conventional clinker and carvel). McGruers were also involved in major yacht refitting and repair and the fit-out of GRP commercial craft - this under James and George McGruer on the Gareloch (north of the Clyde).

Paul then became Technical Manager at D.M. Russell Marine - formerly Jas. A. Silvers yard just up the road at Rosneath, for 5 years - famous for their motor yachts - this period found Paul sailing/cruising in all sorts of craft around the coast of the UK and regular racing in everything from Dragons to the IOR fleet on the Clyde.

Selway Fisher Design was started in 1982 to produce a range of yacht and small boat designs for both the home and professional boat builder and you can see the full range at . In Paul's youth he built a lot of model boats mainly from the Model Aeronautical Press range of plans. Both during his time up in the yards in Scotland and since then, he has always built model boats of his full-size designs, mainly as static models for exhibitions. So now Paul is returning to his early days and producing plans aimed specifically at those who enjoy model boats.

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