Half Models Made Professionally

Half model of the Colvic Watson at Silvers

During my time working for the yacht builders McGruers and Silvers on the Gareloch I was asked to make several half models, sometimes as presents for the clients we were designing and building for and at other times for exhibit at boat shows.

I enjoyed making them so much that I obtained the lines for some very early yachts and produced these as half models for sale - I used scrap Pine which had a fairly wild grain and delineated the waterline with a layer of plywood as you will see. The top six half models adorn the Selway Fisher Design office.

Half Models For The Professional Market

Below is a small selection of some of the half models I used to develop the plank shapes of some of the early Selway Fisher Design before the advent of computer software that could do the job more efficiently - for those familiar with Selway Fisher Design, see if you can identify them or go to www.selway-fisher.com to see them.

To the left is the Highlander 18 and Petrel designs and to the right, the same again plus Ptarmigan 15, Hawk catamaran, Henley 16 slipper and Simplicity 20 amongst others. These are true 'working' models of multi-chine boats - the hull was first drawn to a small scale and altered until it's hydrostatics (displacement volume, LCB, Pc etc) were correct - a half model was then carefully made to these lines, often to a scale of 1"=1' (1/12), tracing paper was then pinned to each plank and the tope and bottom (chines) of the plank traced. The traced plank was then transferred to a grid and the dimensions for the plank at stations marked at 6" or less intervals were taken using a scale rule.

Finally these plank shapes were transferred to cardboard and the planks cut out and taped together - this new model was then checked for dimensional accuracy against the original lines plan and if it was within a 'gnats' whisker' all was fine - the trouble was, scaling dimensions off meant that you could easily be 1/2" or more out and then in 1990 I bought a computer and software and overnight the process became so much more accurate and the time taken to get to the stage of developing hull plank/panel shapes dropped from 2-3 weeks to 30 minutes!!

Model Boat Building Manual

Model Boat Building in Wood manual from Selway Fisher Design

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