Rufus 17' Model Motor Boat

Although this model may be built using plank over frame (Balsa or thin plywood), the principle method of construction shown on the drawings is for stitch and tape (tack and tape). This involves marking and cutting out the full model sized shapes given for the hull panels (planks), bulkheads and transom. The hull panels are then Sellotaped together and the transom and bulkheads fitted before all the joins and seams are finished with epoxy (Araldite type). This produces a quickly made and accurate model hull ready for fitting out.

The original wheelhouse and open cockpit is shown on the plans but she can be fitted out in a number of different ways - below we give some photographs of the full-sized boat fitted out as a water taxi and fishing boat.

Standard rudder and sterngear equipment is used and the radio control can be the low cost Futuba Attack 2 ER two channel radio control unit (or similar) which was easily fitted and set up.

The hull has plenty of weight carrying capacity and would be a good base for you to design your own superstructure on, making her a Pilot Boat, Motor Gun Boat, Harbour Launch etc.

Go to the Rufus page in Selway Fisher Design site for details of the full-size boat which can be built as a 17' or 20' boat - there is also a 22' version.

Photos of the Rufus Model Motor Boat

Below are four photographs of the 20 7/8" (53cm) long stitch and tape model.

More photos of the Rufus Model Motor boat can be found in our Yahoo Users Group

Photos of the full sized Rufus 17' Work Boat

Below are photos of examples of the full-size Rufus 17 and the extended version (20') built around the world.

Above are two photographs of Shaun Squyres water taxi and workboat version in the USA.

Model Plans

The model plans consist of two A1 sheets giving full-size shapes for the hull planks/panels, transom and bulkheads plus the general arrangement and fitting of model steering and motor/sterngear.

Model Particulars

Hull Length 20 7/8" 530mm
Hull Beam 8 7/8" 226mm
Approx. Hull Draft 7 7/8" 52mm
Approx Weight to DWL - note
ballast is used to float her to the
correct waterline.
10 1/2 lbs 4.75kg

Rufus 17' Model Motor Boat Plan Price

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Model Boat Building Manual

Model Boat Building in Wood manual from Selway Fisher Design

UK: £21 Inc p&p
US: $40.00 Inc Airmail

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