Windsor Slipper Launch Model Motor Boat

This is a 1:15 scale working model of one of Selway Fisher's latest designs - a 25' Slipper Launch along the lines of the traditional Thames type. Construction is for Balsa sheet with Balsa frames slotted onto a fore and aft girder before chine and gunwale stringers are attached and the hull planked in thin Balsa sheet.

Thin plywood could also be used. Whilst the real boat uses an electric pod for propulsion, the model uses a simple electric motor housed forward of the cockpit and connected to a shaft and prop. There is space for lightweight radio gear.

Go to the Windsor Slipper Launch page in Selway Fisher Design site for details of the full-size boat.

Photos of the Windsor Slipper Launch Model Boat

More photos of the Windsor Slipper launch can be found in our Yahoo Users Group

Model Plans

The model plans consist of one A1 sheet giving full-size shapes for the frames and fore and aft plus the general arrangement and fitting of model steering and motor/sterngear.

Model Particulars

Hull Length 20" 508mm
Hull Beam 15 1/8" 130mm
Approx. Hull Draft 1 5/8" 41mm
Approx Weight to DWL - note
ballast is used to float her to the
correct waterline.
2.87lbs 1.3kg

Windsor Slipper Launch Model Motor Boat Plan Price

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  • US/Elsewhere £10 + £4 p&p ($24 Inc Airmail)

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UK/EU £12 (inc. VAT)
US/ELSEWHERE £10 / $16

Model Boat Building Manual

Model Boat Building in Wood manual from Selway Fisher Design

UK: £21 Inc p&p
US: $40.00 Inc Airmail

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