Ruby 22' Plywood Model Steam and Electric Launch

The 22' Ruby launch was designed as a solution for those steam boat enthusiasts who wanted to get their steam plant onto the water quickly without going to the extent of building a strip planked hull. A double chined plywood hull offers an elegant low cost compromise between good looks and ease and speed of construction.

So the task was to design a hull with the profile and plan shape of the Selway Fisher Indian Runner strip planked hulls in plywood

Details of the full-size Ruby 22' launch can be found on the Selway Fisher Design web site.

Photos of a Ruby 22 model by Keith E. Bragg

Model Plans

The model plans consist of two A1 sheets. The first gives the full model sized moulds, inner stem and counter stern shapes for a 1:7.5 scale model giving a model length of 0.90m (35 3/8").

The model can be scaled down to a 1:10 scale which will give a displacement volume of around 5kg.

The second sheet gives side profile, plan and several sections through the launch plus approximate position of the steam power unit, propeller etc and material sizes for the model. The hull would be built using the plank over frame method and the steam unit shown is the Krick Alex 2 cylinder model with a vertical boiler.

Model Particulars

Hull Length 33 3/8" 900mm
Hull Beam 8 3/4" 222mm
Approx. Hull Draft 33/8" 85mm
Approx. Displacement Volume/Weight
(amount of underwater volume hull can support)
24lbs 11kg

Ruby 22' Plywood Model Steam and Electric Launch Plan Price

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  • US/Elsewhere £17 + £4 p&p ($35 incl. Airmail)

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UK/EU £20 (inc. VAT)
US/ELSEWHERE £17 / $27

Model Boat Building Manual

Model Boat Building in Wood manual from Selway Fisher Design

UK: £21 Inc p&p
US: $40.00 Inc Airmail

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